What is Prana?

Prana is the very substance of life and is present in everything that exists, it is a universal energy of infinite power. The Hindu people call it “Prana”, Chinese Taoists call it “Chi” and American Indians and Polynesians call it “Manas”. All ancient cultures know it well, and in the Western countries it is simply called “life energy”. It is possible to concentrate Prana and use it to heal ourselves and others, animals and plants, but it is also possible to concentrate it and nourish oneself with it. Pranic nourishment is a new way of sustaining ourselves which is not limited in duration. Breatharians level 4 are living proof of this, living their life only on prana. And the same is true for many people at differents levels who are sharing this experience all over the world.

The 21 days process

The 21-day process is like a journey through an unknown land, discovering ourselves and the wonders that are hidden inside of us. The main preparation consists in harboring the intention to make an experience, to purify our body, and feel with our whole being the power of Prana that takes care of every thing and establishes a permanent state of peace within unity. During the 21-day process we learn to nourish ourselves differently than with solid food: our senses of perception get sharper and our awareness expands thanks to the return to the natural state of being that facilitate the circulation of Energy. In this way, the body gets accustomed to the new nourishment. The group is accompanied by a Breatharian all along this journey, day after day, within a natural environment ideal for the intake of Prana. Everyone remains free to quit the adventure at any moment in time and, at the end of the 21-day period, everyone is free to return to a more solid nourishment (level 2) or to remain Breatharian level 3 or 4, provided that the 3 specific criteria are met, namely: body weight is steady, energy is unlimited, sleeping time is reduced by half. These objective criteria allow the helper to determine whether one has really become Breatharian (level 3 or 4) or has simply gone through a fast.



Nicolas Pilartz

Nicolas Pilartz was born in 1971 in Paris, France. He has British nationality, a German father and Italian mother. He now lives in Italy in his "Yurt" in the Marche, in Coccore near Fabriano (AN). He met the Pranic Nourishment in the summer 2012 and became breatharian level 2 after his first process on 21/dec/2012. Then in 2015 he became breatharian level 3, consuming 1 solid meal per week. Today he is dedicated to spread information about his transformation and his life as a breatharian. He now accompanies people who want to get closer to this lifestyle in 21-days processes on prana and water, for the installation of the pranic mechanical.
Nicolas has guided more than 200 people in groups and in distance online, helping the flowering of the natural state of being, which leads to the body of light, the perfect union with the creation (breatharian level 4).

Raffaella Galoppi

Raffaella Galoppi was born in 1974 in Liguria,she began to follow a path of profound inner knowledge in 2011 when she connected with the Universal Consciousness. Led by that connected state, has experienced the process of the 21 days in May 2016. Today she is experimenting this new world assuming solid food every two days.
Her capabilities are amplifying. In full correlation with the Light Beings, she uses energy works and channeling to help people. In addition, she is investigating how our auric field transforms and activates at the end of the process, by forming a new Pranic Lightbody far more complex than the one we used to emanate.
She is sharing her experience and assisting people in the 21 days process to support the creation of a the new way of live, in a state of harmony with the whole.



21 Days Process done in group

Nicolas Pilartz
Place: France
From July 1st to 21st 2019
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9 Days Process done in group

Nicolas Pilartz
Place: Italy
From June 12th to 20th 2019
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21 Days Process done individually by distance via internet (permanent)

Nicolas Pilartz
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Raffaella Galoppi

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Nicolas Pilartz


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